Afore Tahir Harefa


The purpose of this study is to find out a significant effect of the strategy named Movie Director Strategy on Students’ Ability in Reading Comprehension. The population of the research is the eighth grader of Junior High School which provided 314 students. The samples consisted of 62 students of the Eighth Grader are being taken randomly. Before treatment, the researcher has delivered the pretest for both of groups to find the normality and homogeneity of the data. The students’ mean score computations of experiment’s pretest was 57.90 with Lcount= 0.1021 and the control’s pre-test was 47.26 with Lcount= 0.0776, and Ltable= 0.159. Therefore, the pre-test for both of the groups was stated as a Normal Distribution. More over, the researcher examined homogeneity. Pre-test computation indicates that Fcount=1.04 and Ftable=1.87. The pre-test was stated Homogenous. After treatment to the experimental group, the researcher has taken the data of the students’ ability by using post-test. The post-test given to the students is the students’ answers the questions. Based on the result of the data implied that (1) The estimated of the students’ ability in reading comprehension by using Movie Director Strategy is 73.71 which is stated good. (2) The average of the students’ ability in reading comprehension on Conventional Strategy namely 67.26 which is stated adequate. Based on the result of the hypothesis testing, tcount= 2.673 and ttable=2.000. Hence tcount>ttable(2.673>2.000), implied that Ha is acceptable and H0 is unacceptable. The conclusion is there is a significant effect of Movie Director Strategy on students’ ability in reading comprehension for the eighth grader. Some suggestions, namely (a) The students should engage learning English by using some strategy (b) The English teachers are able to apply the procedures of Movie Director Strategy in teaching reading to the students (c) The teacher should select the appropriate material related to Movie Director.


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Afore Tahir Harefa, IKIP Gunungsitoli

Dosen Tetap YAPERTI Nias pada IKIP Gunungsitoli